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About Get Science

Scientific discovery is constantly transforming medicine. Shaping the future of human health is always on, all the time. Researchers drive forward on a daily basis to improve existing treatments and technologies, and uncover potential cures.
At Get Science, brought to you by Pfizer, we go deep into the lab, and beyond it, to tell the stories behind the breakthroughs that are defining what medical science looks like right now — and will look like in the future. 

Science is everywhere in our daily lives, and we’re here to inspire your curiosity. 
We hope you’ll join us on the journey.


About the editor:

Molly MacLeod is a biologist and science communicator who sees stories in science everywhere she looks. Molly has over 15 years of experience in creative and scientific writing, and a PhD in ecology and evolution from Rutgers University, where she studied dynamics in species interaction networks. At Pfizer, Molly is focused on finding stories of scientific innovation and sharing them with people everywhere. Often called Pfizer’s chief science evangelist, Molly can often be found visiting Pfizer’s key R&D hubs to talk to the innovators who are moving science forward.


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